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Our site here at Sweetman’s dates back to 1756 with a lot of History and Stories to tell. The moment you step through our door, you quickly realise you are part of something special. One of Dublin’s most historic brewing empires of the 18th Century was established by the respected and highly successful house of Sweetman. By 1756 the Sweetman family had an extensive network of breweries in Ireland’s capital along with being revered architects, politicians and art connoisseurs.

Most notably John William Sweetman Esq. (1752- 1862) leading United Irishman, was highly regarded amongst the Nationalist agenda of the time and the development of Dublin (he was responsible for the original design for the Catholic Pro Cathedral). On his death the great revolutionary Wolfe Tone wrote… “A better and a braver heart, blood never warmed; If he be gone my loss is unspeakable, but his country will have a much severer one.

The original Sweetman brewery had to be demolished under the Wide Streets Commission of 1806 and was relocated to the Corn Exchange before being sold to Arthur Guinness & Sons during the transformation of the independent brewing industry in Ireland. John Sweetman Jnr. continued in politics becoming a founding member of Sinn Fein and its President from 1908-1911. Through the commission, Burgh Quay and the buildings we occupy today were created.

The Corn Exchange 1&2 Burgh Quay was built in 1808. It began as a Tavern offering welcome hospitality to the ships that were docked outside its door. Going on to become home to the Dublin Library Society. The Conversation Room (which still stands today on our second floor parading it’s original ceiling roses) was born, and encouraged the appreciation of great Irish literature, which we still highly advocate. Captain James Connolly, the buildings’ owner went on to lease the buildings to the Messrs Maguire who were in the business of manufacturing rope from flax and hemp. Now we are very happy to pay homage to Dublin’s brewing industry and welcome you into our Independent Craft Beer Brewery, J.W. Sweetman.


Craft Brewery

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Available for parties for up to 110 people


1916 Gallery

Located on our 2nd floor.