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J.W. Sweetman
Draft Craft Beer
J.W. Sweetman is proud to offer you the following craft beers brewed in our very own micro-brewery.
Delicious and fresh, available on tap.
Golden Ale
4% vol.
Golden Ale Marris Otter Pale Ale and munich malts with wheat and flaked barley create this palate pleaser. Adding classic English hop varieties Fuggles and East Kent Goldings; this refreshing and aromatic Golden Ale, is slightly spicy with hints of orange and floral aromas.
Pale Ale
4.5% vol.
Pale Ale A blend of pale and crystal malts and ample quantities of Cascade hops from America's Pacific Northwest. Well balanced, medium bodied, citrusy and unfiltered; this is a California-style dry-hopped Pale Ale that is full of flavour with intense hop aromas.
5% vol.
Weiss Hefe-Weizen (meaning 'wheat with yeast'), this Bavarian style Weiss (Wheat) is highly effervescent with a fluffy white head. Brewed using wheat, pale and munich malt, it is unfiltered, hence cloudy. Fruity and tart in the mouth, with hints of lemon, while the dominant aromas are of banana and clove.
Irish Red Ale
4.3% vol.
Irish Red Ale A style of ale that Ireland is famous for, our Red is brewed with wheat, crystal, chocolate, munich and pale malts. A well balanced, mild and easy drinking Irish ale with a smooth malty sweetness and hints of caramel.
4.8% vol.
Porter Masses of chocolate malt creates a full-bodied, palate-coating beer that is rich and smooth. Notes of chocolate, tobacco and espresso, it's smoky, toasty and tasty!
World Craft Beer
We stock an exciting range of bottled craft beers from around the world.
Rothaus Pils
5.1% vol.
An elegant, strong, clean and tangy beer with a distinctive hop aroma, filtered to produce a golden amber hue.
Flensburger Pils
4.8% vol.
Brewed on the shores of the Baltic Sea, this premium beer has a light and hoppy taste.
5.4% vol.
Ale brewed with amber malts, mild caramel flavours and honey mellowness. Subtle hops combine on the palate with a mildly fruity character- very drinkable.
Palm Royale (Roy’s Ale)
7.5% vol.
A strong pale ale with distinctive fruit character; banana is evident in the aroma. Notes of citrus and apple, rounded out with a dry hop bitterness.
Delirium Tremens
8.0% vol.
Juicy white fruits (banana, apple, pear), mild hop bitterness, subtle yeasty /bready tang, orange cloves, bubblegum – an array of flavours combine in this superb beer.
Delirium Red
8.5% vol.
Richly brewed with a blend of three red fruits – cranberries, raspberries and dark cherries, which pre-dominate in both the aroma and the palate.
Delirium Nocturnum
8.5% vol.
A strong red-brown dark ale, that pours with remarkable tan lacing. Rich and fruity, with candy sugar, toffee, green apple tartness, dark fruit, a hint of chocolate, sweet candied fruits, molasses – all with an underlying earthiness.
Against the Grain
4.5% vol.
A premium, full-flavoured gluten free bitter beer with a creamy head, refreshing bitterness and a citrus hop after-taste.
Adnams Innovation IPA
6.7% vol.
Excellent India Pale Ale that delivers a substantial floral yet bitter hop character, but is balanced with a honey malt sweetness and spice to maintain a balanced velvety texture.
Bitter and Twisted
4.2% vol.
An incredibly zesty lemon/citric aroma on the nose, a perfectly balanced, refreshing, light-bodied ale.
5.0% vol.
More malty and substantive in character than other Far Eastern beers, Singha is the number one beer in Thailand.
Kirin Ichiban
5.0% vol.
Brewed from the best pressings of the mash this Japanese beer exudes soft rice sweetness and restrains hop bitterness.

Craft Beer Cocktails
Cointreau, Tequila, Bacardi, Lemon & Lime shaken over ice and topped with Golden Ale.
Citron Vodka, Blue Curacao, Grapefruit juice, Pineapple juice and Pale Ale shaken over ice. A dash of Angostura Bitters to finish.
Fruity Sweetman's
Banana Liqueur and Raspberry Vodka shaken over ice topped with Weiss and a splash of Midori.
Southern Comfort, Captain Morgans, Bols Yoghurt Liqueur and Red Ale topped with Ginger Ale.
Vodka, Kahlua and Porter/Stout over ice with a creamy Baileys head.
Everything Else
As you would expect, we also have extensive cocktail, wine, whiskey, tea and coffee menus.