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PALLADIUM GARGANEGA VENETO 2016 abv12.5% (Glass €6.50/Bottle €24.00)
Pinot Grigio From Italy, Immediately Appealing Smiley Otalian White For regular Drinking, Made From garganega, The Soave Grape.

CIELO DAL 1908, 2015 abv 12% (Glass €6.50/Bottle €24.00)
Pinot Grigio From Italy, Straw yellow with Green Reflections, Fresh and Drinkable.

SILVER CREEK, 2015 abv 13% (Glass €6.50/Bottle €24.00)
Chardonnay from Australia, Pale Straw Colour with Aroma's of Fruit and green apples Characterize This Chardonnay, This is a Light-Style with Fresh, clean fruit Flavours and A Smooth Finish.

ELVARO, 2016 abv 12.5% (Glass €6.50/Bottle €24.00)
Sauvignon Blanc From Chile, Fresh, Tropical and Zesty, Green/Yellow Colour with Fresh aroma's of Citrus and tropical fruits. It Has A Good Body and Persistence.

CIELO PROSSECO abv 10.5% (Glass €7.50/Bottle €35.00)
Bright Straw Yellow Colour, Fresh and Floral with a Fruity Flavour.

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ELVARO CABERNET SAUVIGNON, 2015 abv13.5% (Glass €6.50/Bottle €24.00)
Cabernet Sauvignon from The central Valley of Chile, It Has A Deep ruby Red Colour and Aroma's of Ripe Red Fruit.

ALTO DE RAIZA, 2016 abv 14% (Glass €6.50/Bottle €24.00)
Tempranillo From Spain, Is a Young Rioja Wine Made with The Best Selection of Tempranillo Grapes from the designation of origin Rioja. A Young, Characterful Wine.

SILVER CREEK, 2016 abv 14.5% (Glass €6.50/Bottle €24.00)
Shiraz from Australia, Aroma's of Plums, blackberries and Spice, This Warming, medium-Bodied Wine is Enhanced on the Palate by Vanilla, Dark Chocolate and Spicy Pepper Tones.

ELVARO, 2016 abv 13% (Glass €6.50/Bottle €24.00)
Merlot from Chile, Smooth, Fruity and Light, Ruby Coloured with Aroma's of Red Fruits and Slight Touch of Mint. It is Soft and Elegant, with Sweet and Silky tannins and good Persistence.

COTE MAS, ROSE AURORE, 2015 abv 12.5% (Glass €6.50/Bottle €25.00)
Pale Salmon Colour, Cherry and Strawberry Notes, Soft Candid fruit and Flavour, Rich and Smooth with Ripe Red Fruits and a Well-Balanced Acidity.